Nutrition Video Series: Is Alkaline Water better for you?

Alkaline water is typically pricier than plain old water, but is it actually healthier for you? Let’s take a look!

Alkaline water has a higher pH level (~8-9) than normal drinking water (pH=7) due to the addition of alkalizing compounds such as calcium, magnesium & bicarbonate.

  • Claims being made about alkaline water: Balances pH levels of the body, promotes better hydration, detoxes your body, boosts your immune system, helps you lose weight, fights cancer, cures psoriasis, & prevents development of diabetes. Some websites state that “several studies can prove alkaline water has a positive effect on the body” – yet not a single study is referenced.

  • Research: No evidence-based research links alkaline water to helping with weight loss, detoxifying your body, boosting immune system, weight loss, fighting cancer, curing psoriasis, or preventing development of diabetes. One study showed a potential benefit for patients suffering with acid reflux. Another study (funded by Essentia water..) compared a normal pH water (Dasani) to an alkaline water (Essentia) post-workout. This study found a significant difference in whole blood viscosity post-workout, meaning blood flow was more efficient with alkaline water. A few things to consider, this study was funded by Essentia and was a single study with 100 participants. More research is needed before making the claims that alkaline water promotes better hydration.

  • Drinking water in general, whether alkaline or not, provides an abundance of health benefits. If you genuinely like the taste of alkaline water better, it encourages you to drink more water overall, and you don’t mind the higher price tag, then go for it!! Just be aware the health benefits you read online about alkaline water have not been proven in research.

  • While there’s no hard evidence about alkaline water being more beneficial, there’s also no evidence that it’s harmful. For those that feel they’re personally experiencing greater health benefits due to alkaline water, it’s hard to say if those benefits are coming from alkaline water specifically, or just drinking more water.