Nutrition Video Series: Matcha

Matcha has actually been around for hundreds of years. Simply put, matcha is just green tea leaves that have been ground into a fine powder. Here are some quick facts about matcha, and what it can or can't do for you!

  • Green tea that is grown specifically for matcha is covered with cloths for several weeks to promote chlorophyll production, giving it a gorgeous bright green color. The tea leaves are steamed, dried, then instead of being used to steep in hot water like traditional green tea, they are ground into a fine powder.
  • Matcha provides all of the same benefits as green tea, but the biggest difference between the two is you’re actually consuming the entire leaf when you drink matcha vs. just steeping and straining the leaves out of your tea when you drink green tea. Consuming the whole leaf provides you with more antioxidants – and more caffeine! These antioxidants (called catechins) have been shown in research to improve blood pressure and possibly improve total/LDL cholesterol levels. 
  • The flavor is like an intense brewed green tea. High quality matcha will be a very bright green, poor quality matcha will be a dull green.
  • You can add matcha powder to smoothies, food, or my personal favorite making a matcha tea or latte. To do this, add 1 tsp into about 3 Tbsp of water, just enough to mix together into a paste. Once mixed into a paste and there are no more clumps, add either water or your favorite milk and drink hot or cold!
  • Here is what matcha WON’T do…yes, these are actual claims made on websites that sell it. There is no evidence-based research that matcha “burns 40% more calories”, “detoxifies effectively and naturally” (their words, not mine), or “burns fat”. No matter how 'super' a company makes a 'superfood' out to be, there is no single food that can significantly boost metabolism, burn fat, or detoxify. Add matcha to your daily routine because you enjoy the taste and as a healthier alternative to traditional coffee drinks, not because you believe it's going to burn 40% more calories. 

Watch the full video below!