Surge Running Workout

Training for the Lincoln Marathon or another upcoming race? Here’s a great running workout to help you get faster and stronger before your next race!

Surge workouts challenge your speed and endurance. I like working them into my routine to keep from getting bored on long runs, and often repeat the four intervals in the middle a few times through depending on the distance I want to cover! 

Based on an intensity scale of "1-10" ("1" being a very light walk and "10" being an all out sprint), your first 3-minute interval should feel about at a "5"...or a very easy jog. Then each interval after that you'll need to increase the intensity a notch...moving up to "6", then "7", and ending on an "8" which should feel pretty intense. "8" should be slightly faster than your race pace. 

Please tweak the intensity/speed to YOUR personal fitness level!! You may need to either start at a slower pace or start at a faster pace depending on your fitness level. This is a great workout to do both outdoor and indoor. If you have to do this indoors, protect those knees by putting a little incline on your treadmill!! Running on 0.0% grade can be hard on the knees...I recommend setting it at least to 1.0% to start.