Sports nutrition programs provide the following:

  • Detailed evaluation of current diet and recommendations to improve performance

  • Pre-training, training, and post-training nutrition guidelines

  • Eating strategies for optimal recovery based on your personal daily schedule

  • Personalized meal plans for optimal results

  • Hydration, electrolyte and fueling plan for training and competition

  • Body composition changes: i.e. weight gain, weight loss, body fat loss, muscle gain

  • Sports nutrition products/ergogenic aids guidelines

  • Vitamin and mineral supplementation guidelines

My sports nutrition coaching is designed to meet the needs of athletes located virtually anywhere. The majority of my clients are long-distance and met via phone or video call, however, if you live in Lincoln, Nebraska, appointments can be met in person. Programs are flexible to meet weekly, monthly, or as needed.  Follow-up appointments are provided and recommended for ongoing nutrition education and to develop your nutrition program as your training seasons progress up to competition. To read what my athletes are saying, visit my testimonials page. Contact me for pricing.