“Angie provides an unprecedented understanding of nutrition and exercise in a professional and personable manner. She cares about the progress you make and continues to support you throughout your endeavors. After meeting with Angie I was able to kick start an entirely new lifestyle. Without Angie, that lifestyle would have been undoubtedly out of reach. Thank You Angie! For giving me the tools I needed to lose 125 pounds and work my way up to running 3-4 5k’s a week for speed/endurance, in addition to various weighted hill climbing exercises for strength building. Angie should draw the attention of any athlete looking to improve!”
— RM, 125 pounds lost

"I contacted Angie to help me gain more weight and strength so that I could take my baseball pitching to the next level.  Angie assessed my nutritional needs and developed a specific meal plan to go along with my weight lifting program.  I gained 20 pounds in 26 weeks. All muscle and no fat!  Angie’s guidance and encouragement has been incredible.  She is extremely knowledgeable in the field of nutrition counseling, and I highly recommend her services." - BS, High School Pitcher


"Angie has done many things for me during high school and the start of my professional baseball career. She has kept me on track with healthy options throughout the day. She has truly been a blessing in my life and has helped me switch to eating healthier options, not junk food, while putting on nearly 30 pounds. She has been nothing but the best for me and my career." - RP, MLB Pitcher

I cannot even begin to put into words how thankful I am for everything Angie has done for me! I am a division one college athlete who was looking for a way to maximize my training by fueling my body with proper nutrients through a balanced diet. I contacted Angie in hopes that she could help me do that, and she absolutely did. Her knowledge of nutrition, especially for athletes is amazing. She truly cares about each one of her clients and is committed to doing whatever it takes to help them reach their personal goals. She is ALWAYS willing to help me with whatever I need, whether its a simple nutrition questions about food, or asking her what my healthiest food options are at restaurants. I am extremely happy with the results I have seen and the impact that my nutrition has had on my performance since I started working with Angie! You’re the best!!
— KM, Ohio State Athlete


"I am an ex-collegiate athlete and current busy professional who had over 70 pounds to lose due to a hectic schedule and work travel.  I tried working out in the past but was never able to make any sustainable changes.  Then I met Angie.  Angie is the perfect mix of expertise and passion.  She has the specific technical knowledge to get results and the passion to motivate you to achieve your goal.  As an athlete, I was familiar with workouts and nutrition, I thought.  Angie went far beyond that and customized specific nutritional goals and was dedicated to my success by following up with enthusiastic support.  I have referred her to at least three people that were impressed not only with my weight loss, but also with the change in my body composition.  I am in better shape and healthier than I was in college.  Thanks Angie." - BM, 80 pounds lost


"Angie has completely changed my life! Being an elite athlete you are always aware of what you are eating. When I found Angie, I was definitely not fueling my body with the proper foods or enough calories. Angie taught me that by eating healthy and clean foods, I can eat to fuel my performance rather than worry about calorie counting. She is always available to text or call if you need recipes, nutrition advice and just to keep in touch! Thank you so much for everything Angie! You are the best!" - CM, Team USA Figure Skater


"When I first started working with Angie, I wasn't looking to make any huge life changes. I needed to put on some weight and felt like my training was beginning to plateau. My experience with Eleat Nutrition has been educational as well as truly beneficial in all aspects of my life. I was able to accomplish my goals as well as maintain them. I can't thank Angie enough for all of her help." - JB, MLB Pitcher

"Working with Angie has allowed me to grow physically and mentally as a professional athlete. She has taught me how to properly fuel my body to maximize my training while educating me on how to make long-term healthy choices. Angie has provided me with individualized meal plans, explanations of nutrient benefits, and shopping lists that are specific to my personal needs as a soccer player.  Since working with Angie, I have noticed incredible changes in my fitness levels, body fat to muscle ratio, and overall mindset about food, which have all contributed to better athletic performances on my end! Thank you, Angie for your support in helping me reach my goals! " SM, National Women's Soccer League


"When you're in high school it's easy to maintain a poor diet and not reach maximum growth. Angie did a great job of giving me an easy diet to follow as well as plenty of information on it in order to be the best athlete I can be. My favorite thing about her program is how easy she is to reach out to, all it takes is one text and you'll find out exactly what you need. She is very good at deciding what you need based on your sport as well. Thanks for everything Angie!" - JM, NCAA D1 Athlete

“As the mother of a college baseball player, I was looking to find information on how to help my son by cooking nutritional meals while he was at home and how he could learn to eat nutritionally at college. Angie could not have been more helpful by evaluating his current diet and giving him a meal plan to help him lose weight while learning how to eat to fuel his body for his athletic endeavors. He is already off to a great start to his season by being named conference athlete of the week. While he has certainly put in the hard work, the nutritional advice he received from Angie has also played a big role.”
— DY

"Working with Angie has totally changed my perspective on nutrition.  For many years I would work out and would plateau in my weight loss and could not figure out what I needed to do to reach my goals.  She made things simple and effective when setting up a diet plan for me to follow and always was available for diet alternatives as well as advice for when I traveled.  Her positive attitude keeps you motivated and focused to achieving your weight loss goals.  So far I have lost 32 lbs and could not be more thankful for her help.  I wish I would have worked with her sooner." - JB


"After giving birth to my son, I was eager to get back to my pre-baby weight.  However, because I was breastfeeding, I had to be careful about making extreme changes to my diet that could affect my milk supply.  Angie put an extensive amount of time into designing a meal plan that would help me lose weight while also consuming enough calories so that I could continue to breastfeed successfully.  Not only have I shed all of my pregnancy pounds, but Angie has endowed me with new knowledge about diet and nutrition that I am confident will enable me to easily maintain my ideal weight." - BB


"As a marathon runner and physical therapist, I have always been aware of the impact my nutrition and food choices make on my training and performance. However, I had no idea how to apply this knowledge to my training. I am SO glad that I contacted Angie to work with me on a sports nutrition plan. I am having one of the best training seasons yet and know that my nutrition has made all the difference. Angie is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but she is also flexible with her time, punctual in her in-person and by-phone meetings, and very supportive of not only my nutrition but also my training efforts.  She continually offers great suggestions for all aspects of meal planning and timing and takes each individual into account making this experience truly personalized. I would recommend Angie to any person or athlete wanting to make positive lifestyle changes in their health and nutrition. Thank you, Angie!" - JW, Boston Marathon Qualifier

“When I found myself signing up for a 100 mile trail race 10 months before the actually race, I knew the first thing was I needed to understand my body and what was going to be required from my body to not only complete this race but the grueling training for this race. I knew that my fitness would be pushed and I wanted to understand how my nutrition and hydration would be challenged as well. Meeting Angie, 9 months before this race was perfect timing to enter a process that would not be rushed and would give both of us plenty of time for evaluation and let Angie develop the best plan possible. Not only did I get to experience Angie’s awesome take home recipes, I also got a customized meal plan with foods that I actually liked! The knowledge gained and the consistent eating schedule was so valuable to my training. I knew that training thru the hot and humid Nebraska summer would challenge my hydration needs as well. I asked Angie to research multiple hydration companies that I had heard about. In the end, we partnered with a company that would customize a product for my specific needs. Angie was able to provide all my stats needs to dial in the exact custom blend that my body needed! Fast forward to September 10, 2017 at 7:42am when I completed my first 100 mile trail run after 25 hours and 42 minutes of running. Not only was Angie one of my biggest cheerleaders, she believed in me and supported me throughout my training, race, and recovery after. Thank you Eleat Nutrition for being with me every step of the way.”
— MB, Ultra Runner


"I just wanted to take a few minutes this morning to tell you how thankful my son and I are for all of the help and guidance you have given us the past six months. It really does take a village to raise a child and I am so happy that you are in our village! He had his first outing yesterday and nailed it in front of at least a dozen pro scouts. He looked like a beast out there with the extra weight and his pitches were on fire! I will say that he did put in the work but could not have done it correctly without you. Thanks again!" - Mother of NCAA D1 baseball player


"After the birth of my son, I had nearly 50 pounds to lose. Angie took the time to personalize meal plans that worked with my crazy work schedule, but also workouts to get me started and ease back into the gym. However, what I felt was the greatest thing Angie has done for me was not only give me the confidence that I CAN do this, but the knowledge in nutrition and exercise. It truly is a lifestyle change and Angie has made herself available to me at all times to answer any questions I had. She also has made cooking and eating fun- not a chore! I've lost my baby weight, and then some, but most importantly I have found the balance of eating right and exercise. The care and passion Angie has for her clients is not something you find every day. I am so thankful for Angie and the guidance she has given me on my health and fitness journey!" - KC, 50 pounds lost


"After many years of neglecting proper nutrition and having poor eating habits I found myself to be unhealthy and scared of what my future wellness would be. Angie has been so incredibly helpful and in just a few months has turned my lifestyle around. She is so resourceful and helpful when it comes to the nutrition and what my specific needs are. The best part is that she is so supportive and understanding and because of those qualities I can fully trust in her and Eleat Nutrition." - DV, 20 pounds lost


“It's so difficult to find the right balance between eating right and losing weight. Being an ice dancer requires me to be as lean and strong as possible. A challenge that gets increasingly harder as I age. I had no idea that I was actually depleting my body of nutrients with my poor eating habits and couldn't understand why I wasn't losing weight. Once I met Angie my life completely changed. She taught me how to eat probably to maintain my energy throughout the day and helped me lose weight. I now understand how to make better choices when I'm grocery shopping and feel more comfortable with eating out. My lifestyle has changed for the better and it's all because of Angie. She helped me to become a better athlete and a healthier person. I am forever grateful!” - AA, Team USA Figure Skater

“As a professional athlete, my diet is something I take very seriously. Angie not only has taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle, she’s also such a great resource when I am traveling. She always helps me choose the most healthy restaurants and menu items.”
— JC, NFL Defensive Tackle

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