Whether you want to lose six pounds, 60 pounds, or more, my weight management program is designed to help you achieve lasting weight-loss results without fad diets. My programs focus on adding certain foods to your diet that will help to promote weight loss, rather than the majority of diet trends that involve cutting out certain food groups. I provide education on how to live a healthier lifestyle with cooking instruction, recipe modification, menu planning, and individualized meal plans to fit your busy schedule. Clients can be met virtually for coaching anywhere via phone or video call, however, if you reside in Lincoln, Nebraska, sessions can be met in person. Programs are individualized to your desired outcomes and include but are not limited to the following:

  • Detailed evaluation of current diet and recommendations based on food journal, medical and nutrition history, and pertinent lab work/test results.

  • Weekly monitoring of weight loss/body composition changes

  • Grocery store list and tour, refrigerator and pantry clean-out

  • Development of a personalized nutrition plan

  • Menu and meal planning

  • Education on healthier cooking, recipe modification

  • Nutrient supplementation recommendations

Follow-up sessions are not required with any nutrition program, however, they are highly recommended to provide further development and support. Sessions are flexible and can be scheduled weekly, monthly, or as needed. Contact me for pricing.