The Weight Loss Trick You Need To Try

Scenario: You feel like you’re consuming the right amount of food each day to lose weight. You feel like you don’t eat very much, sometimes you don’t even eat three full meals. You don’t understand why you’re not losing weight despite your hard efforts. What could you possibly be doing wrong? Mindless eating or mindless snacking could be your number one problem. If you ever find yourself grabbing “handfuls” here and there, snagging a few fries off your children’s kid’s meals, or munching on something while you cook, this activity will benefit you more than you could imagine. And all you need is a container!


Watch this YouTube video to see exactly how this mindless snacking activity works, and how it can help you.  

I’m sure many of my weight loss clients are reading this and remembering our discussion on this topic. My idea for this came from a story I once heard of a chef who constantly struggled with his weight. He felt like he hardly ate anything all day long, yet despite his efforts, couldn’t seem to lose any weight. He realized he sampled quite a bit of his food while he cooks throughout the day, so one day he decided to set a bucket next to him while he worked. Each time he tore off a piece of food to sample, he put the same size of a sample into the bucket. By the end of the day, he was shocked that the bucket was completely full…yet he hadn’t even sat down for a meal! He realized immediately that he was mindlessly eating and that he needed to cut back on his sampling and schedule times to sit down and eat complete meals. I refer to this story often in my weight management sessions, and it truly has helped several already, especially visual learners. It’s such a simple activity, yet it has such a powerful result. I wanted to make this video to try and help as many people as possible who seem to be stuck in their weight loss journey. Please share this with anyone you feel would appreciate some extra help! And as always, email me with questions or topics you'd like to see me cover in the future.